recap numba 1

So, for future reference, don’t volunteer to dig to ride HCSC’s park if it is the last day of the session.  You will definitely have to pull all the rails out. BY HAND. AND CARRY THEM TO THE DIRT VEINS.  Needless to say, we slept in until 11:00 today, and I took several naps yesterday.

Ironically, we fixed the box and then were told we needed to pull it out.

Working. Pain.

Fruits of our labor.  Casey didn’t look like a camper with this trick.

After the exhausting day.

A QP built before we began to hate digging.

Straight thuggin’

Front yard sesh?

pictur of a pictur!

Until the next post, we will be eating cobra dogs, playing Wii, watching TV, and we might do a little shredstickin’ if we feel like it.

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