The end of our Oregon trip

The last three days of our Oregon trip were unbelievably hectic. I basically left a ton of the important shooting work towards the end, and so I was rushing like crazy to get good shots. What was really cool was that there were a bunch of riders whom I really respect who turned out to be big fans of Gnar Wars, and so they were down to film. It was sort of like a dream come true. I’m not gonna “name drop,” but I would definitely say that I felt really honored and grateful that they liked my stuff. The next video should be done within a month.

So there aren’t many pics from the end of the trip, but these are from a day that we decided to dig a big dirt gap.

Oregon is a little different than California resorts in that you can basically dig whatever crazy jump or setup, and nobody hassles you. Seriously, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it was incredibly great. At most resorts, you are promptly kicked off the property when the operating hours are over. In Oregon, you can basically create ANY jump you feel like as long as you want and wherever you want. God I wish it were like that everywhere.

Anyway, these pics are from that last day of awesomeness:

Andrew and I digging. (I have the world’s most intense “farmer’s tan” because of this day.)

Casey testing it out to make sure it’s a proper jump.

Casey set up these flashes that wouldn’t work correctly most of the day. A lot of our time was spent adjusting them for “maximum steeze.”

It was worth it when you get a picture this cool-looking for your myspace page.

Here we are “getting the shot. I hope this gap looks as big on film as it was in real-life. What do you think?

This is what the other nearby mountain looked like thru the cloud layer.

Pretty sick.

More sickness.

Andrew looking strangely emo.

Casey looks like a midget in this pic for some reason. Maybe it’s the tall tee?

Another rad pic in front of the waterfall.

Okay there actually was one pic I took on the car-ride home. It was a really long drive and we stayed in the world’s filthiest Super 8 Motel. Seriously I know a lot of people are gonna call me a pansy for this but, for real, it smelled like cigar smoke, hooker blood, and thousands of dead dreams. I took a shower there and I was actually dirtier afterwards. One of the pillows had a silver dollar sized stain that looked suspiciously like a melted yellow crayon. There was not one square-inch of the motel room that hadn’t been gizzed on by a methed-up trucker. The bathroom looked like the one Cary Elwes is chained to in “Saw.” It was, let’s put it this way, unpleasant. And on top of that they had the nerve to charge me 150 bucks for two rooms. So the next day I kinda started off in a bad mood, but at the very end of the day, we held out to eat at an In-n-Out. God, I have never had such a welcome meal. It actually made me forget about the ordeal the night before. So I took a pic of my car with our boards on top in the parking lot.

I already miss Oregon. I want to go back there.

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