A few samples of Stabby artwork…

Hey everyone!

Here are the first bunch of entries for the Stabby drawing contest! You still have until December 1st to enter! Send in your family-friendly entries to knifeshow@gmail.com Do it, cause the winner gets a free sweatshirt, DVD and t-shirt. You can enter as many times as you like!

This first one comes from Mike, who actually painted on his snowboard! Pretty sweet!

This one comes from Ren!

This one is from Alex, and it’s really good. But by the way, Stabby would NEVER STAB AN INNOCENT ANIMAL. We are just going to have to assume this was an evil mastermind reindeer. I hope. Anyway, make your drawings less violent than this one . :)

This drawing comes from Kyle, who imagines that Stabby wants more friends…

And then there’s this colored-pencil Stabby drawing from Debby. Stabby looks like he has a guilty conscience here…

Good job everyone! Keep it up!

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