More entries in the Stabby drawing contest!

Dude check out these amazing entries in the Stabby drawing contest! This is going to be really hard to judge!

Keep sending your entries to until December 1st! Enter as many times as you like, just keep it family-friendly! Thanks!

This one is from Alberto! Looks sick!

We like this one from Alec!

Eddie sends in this idea… have Stabby replace the deer in the Knife Show logo…

Emmanuel sent in a couple of very stylish design ideas. I like the iPod style look of these…

Joe sent in this intricate drawing of Stabby hitting a rail. Stabby gets urban!

Tucker S sent in this awesome colored-pencil drawing. Very nice!

Tucker Z shows off Stabby’s three favorite things to do in this drawing…

Tyler P sent in this really cool Stabzilla photoshop…

Ren made this drawing…

And he also made this sick bandana!!!!

And Travis sent this photoshop in of Stabby destroying a city. Love it, haha!

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