Alright, we’re ready to announce the winners!

But before that, I just want to thank everyone who entered. You guys really impressed Casey and I with your creativity and cool design sense. I’m sorry we can’t prize out everyone who entered!


Is a tie between Cam’s Monster Tailblock and Kate’s Stabby Shredstick! Nice work, you two! You’re both getting a t-shirt and DVD. I love both these pics.


Is Tyler’s Photochop! Tons of people wrote in saying they liked this one. Way to go Tyler, just let us know your size we’ll send you a t-shirt and DVD!


…is James’ Colorful Masterpiece! This one got a BOATLOAD of votes, and we have to admit we really liked this one. Maybe down the road we can do a poster of it. Anyway, James gets a Knife Show Sweatshirt of his choice, (pick the yeti dude) plus our t-shirt and DVD. Wear them proudly James!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! You are all really good artists, and we dig your work! Knife Show has the best fans ever. :)

the “Stabby” t-shirt promo from Mike Benson on Vimeo.

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