The final entries in the Stabby art contest!

Hey guys – check out these final entries in the Stabby Art contest. If you submitted one and you don’t see it anywhere on our site, email us at

We are so thrilled that we have such creative fans. We received way more entries than we expected, and we are psyched on how much effort you guys put in.

Thank you again for entering; it’s gonna be hard to pick a winner cause there are so many good choices! Casey and I will announce the winners tomorrow on the site!

Cameron sent in these three awesome drawings and says this: “I think Stabby likes to bust grabs, tip tail blocks, and mingle with the ladies, so thats what I drew, here you go.” Looks good!

Daniel sent in this sweet photoshop! Love the colors in this.

James sent in this Technicolor drawing which we liked a lot.

Jeff Jones entered this striking photoshop of Stabby. Cool design sense.

Kate M sent in this really cool painting of Stabby riding his custom board. We love it.

Misty imagines Stabby eating a television. He’s a hungry dino!

Nastasia drew this super-creatuve drawing of Stabby with an eye towards bent realism. Really striking!

Nick sent in these two adorable drawings of Stabby!

Paul made this cool image of Stabby storming a city. Maybe he’s seen the future?

Sean imagines a world where it’s raining knives! This one makes Stabby happy.

Tyler is back with another cool-looking photoshop. Looking good!

And finally Paula draws Stabby balancing on some knives! Good job Paula!

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