Best email ever.

This is the best email we’ve gotten ever:

“im not looking to get a big reaction out of you i just wanted to tell you something. your videos are what inspire me. you see i have a disorder and iv been in and out of the hospital 50+ times in the last 5 years and im 21, trying to get a degree in film school but my sickness is restraining me. i film my friends skating with the time im out and i try to analyze and recreate your videos especially when im sick and cant do much or im in the hospital. one of my doctors told me i should send you this video i made that was 100 percent inspired by your videos. i spent probly 25 hours perfecting it and editing and redoing stuff while in the hospital. you dont have to reply, you dont have to comment on it, or view it if you dont care. i just want you to know youve inspired me and kept my head up by inspiering me to keep editing so THANK YOU. i will attach the video to this message bye. and thank you once more. you are a inspiration.”

Here is the video. So sick! We’re gonna send him a Stabby shirt for sure!

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  1. bertinamuher says:

    I enjoy reading this kind of stuff. Thanks for sharing good knowledge

  2. folejuurijkfert says:

    This is going to be an excellent and informative panel from someone who’s been there and can give the hands-on perspective of how to deal with this infringement on one’s brand.

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