Tyy Clark Update

Knife Show rider Tyy sent us these pics to share, along with this Canadian update. Since Vancouver is playing Los Angeles right now, it seemed like a good time to share them:

“So the hills are closed around here now, I’ve been doing some late season stuff though! on thursday I unburied and set up a tube feature at Big White, and got some good shots and some photos, although we were window shopping so not every shot is sunny.”

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  1. Mitsujiro says:

    Harv, in the Harry Potter books (I’ve only seen the movies) there is a cheractar called Voldemort. Because he is such a deadly menace everyone refers to him as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named .Throughout this whole process there has been an unhealthy undertow caused by an event which no one will describe and a person who remained nameless.The Town was happy, it seems to me, to heap every misery in the PW department on this nameless one which seems awfully convenient.Having only looked at the operations of the Town from the outside, having only talked to a couple dozen staff members with serious complaints the last decade, my take is that there were and remain substantial structural issues within the organization tracing their lineage back to Cal Horton’s reign. Dumping it on one person just doesn’t jibe with what I know now.I didn’t realize until several months afterwards that you no longer worked for the Town. I thought it was an amicable separation and you had moved on to greener pastures. Now I realize that something happened do know what and you lost your job because of it. The way Town tried to skirt mentioning that incident (or incidents) only added to the festering feel of the current Bigelow/Clark mess.What happened? Can you talk about it?

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