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Tank Top Promo

We made a little skate video for our new “Strange Clouds” tank top. It actually has some pretty sick skating thanks to John Herrera and Johnny Bourdeau. Drop us a line and let us know what you think of our editing.

You can pick up a tank for yourself at:

Butter Knife 23

We finally have a new episode of Butter Knife for you to enjoy. Mike and Casey went up to Mt Hood and met up with Canada team rider Mark Goodall. High Cascade and Timberline let us film there for the week…

Our trip to Woodward Tahoe

We went up to Woodward Tahoe, and did a little skate tour of Northern California. Check out all the action! As told by John Herrera.

New clothes!

We finally have some new designs available for you in the Knife Show Store! Check ‘em out:

Four Years of Knife Show!

Today is the four-year anniversary of Knife Show, and I just wanted to thank all of you for supporting us.

It’s been a really strange year, because a lot has changed for both of us. Hopefully we’ll have new stuff for you in the future though – in fact, we have a new t-shirt coming out very soon.

Also, we need some help running our Tumblr and Twitter, etc. So if anyone wants to pitch in with the social stuff, we welcome the help!

Thanks again for keeping us around!

- Mike Benson

Our FaceBook page…

Check out our page when you get the chance.  Throw us a like!

Butter Knife 22

Sorry it took us so long! It’s been a crazy season.

Butter Knife: POV edition

Casey made this trippy video using a GoPro on a pole, and Twixtor for the slow-motion. Enjoy.

Pictures from Bear Mountain this weekend…

Some photos we took!

Flashback: Snow Clones Featuring Casey Wrightsman

We made this a couple years ago and we still dig it. Stay for the ending…